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Graduate with a High School Diploma from Home

You can earn your high school diploma from home. It's your next step to getting ahead. When you become a high school graduate, you will have new opportunities. Opportunities to earn more money, qualify for a new career, and continue your education by going to college or technical school.

Whether you are home schooled, dropped out of traditional high school or never attended high school, American Academy of Pinecrest can help you graduate with a diploma from home. Earning your high school diploma with American Academy of Pinecrest is CONVENIENT, ACCREDITED, and AFFORDABLE.

Now you can earn your high school diploma in as little as 6 weeks!

Correspondence High School Program

With the high school diploma correspondence program, everything you need to earn your diploma is mailed directly to your home.

All study materials have easy-to-read print. And each subject has only one exam. Exams are open book, multiple-choice and you may retake any exam until you achieve a passing score. There is a one time fee of $25.00 to retake an exam.

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Find out how you can graduate with an accredited high school diploma from home. Call toll-free 1-800-470-4723 to speak with a friendly Academic Advisor. We will gladly answer any questions.


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Or enroll now and we will send out your receipt of payment, experience profile, and study materials so that you can start earning your high school diploma right away. Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.



Payment Plans


A one-time administrative fee of $25.00 will apply for processing your application and initial payment.


Full Payment Plan: $350.00 + $25.00 = $375.00  (Savings of $49.00) 


Monthly Payment Plan: $399.00 + $25.00 = $424.00 ($65 down / $40 month)


TRANSCRIPTS: Requests for transcripts must be made in writing. The first two transcripts are free of charge. $10.00 per transcript afterwards.


All the materials you need to graduate with a high school diploma from home are included.


American Academy of Pinecrest is an adult high school. Students must be at least 16 years of age to enroll. If the student is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian signature is required.


If you cancel within the 30 days of enrollment, you will receive a full refund (of the payment plan) provided you return all books and materials that you received from AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PINECREST. The one-time administrative fee is non-refundable. If you cancel after 30 days of enrollment, a refund will not be awarded.


Eagle Seal

Recognized, Respected
& Accredited

You will earn your high school diploma from the nationally accredited American Academy of Pinecrest. American Academy of Pinecrest is accredited by the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools (NALSAS) and Transworld Accrediting Commission International, and meets all state requirements listed with the state of Florida Department of Education. You may use your diploma in all 50 states.



"Also, I like the fact that on the H.S. Diploma and other certificates that "correspondence" isn't mentioned. This is one reason I didn't go with ICS. All certificates mailed to me were beautiful.

- V.M.H., New Jersey

Accreditations, Memberships & Affiliations
– American Academy of Pinecrest


US Camber of Commerce Logo

American Academy of Pinecrest is a fully ACCREDITED member of the U.S.  Chamber of Commerce.

The College Board Logo

American Academy of Pinecrest is a registered member of The College Board.
A non-profit U.S. examination board, The College Board manages various standardized tests for students in the third or fourth year of high school planning on continuing their educations at a post-secondary level. The SAT is the most well known of these tests used for admission to colleges and universities in the United States.
ACT Logo
American Academy of Pinecrest is a registered member of ACT, Inc. formerly the American College Testing Program. An independent, not-for-profit organization that offers various assessment, research, information, and program management services in the areas of education and workforce development.
ETS Logo
American Academy of Pinecrest is a registered member of the Education Testing Service.
The world's largest private, non-profit, educational testing and measurement organization, Education Testing Service develops various standardized tests primarily in the United States for K-12 and higher education. Many of the assessments are associated with entry to U.S. undergraduate and graduate institutions.

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Happy StudentTestimonials:

What our Graduates Say About their American Academy of Pinecrest Experiences

We’re proud of our school and you’ll be proud to say you’re an American Academy of Pinecrest graduate.

These comments were taken directly from letters we received from American Academy of Pinecrest Graduates. We will gladly provide you with selected samples of the letter at your request.  


"I have been out of school over 30 years. I've tried to finish three times with other programs. I made it on the fourth try with your program. You may print my statement in your advertisements."

- J.M., New Jersey

"I also wrote to the Better Business Bureau. I was very pleased that your school has a clear and satisfactory business record."

- S.C., Kentucky


"My boss said as soon as I receive my certificate, he would give me a big raise."

- Y.F., Cruz Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands

"I am a nurse's assistant now. Thank you for everything."

- E.T., Louisiana

"With my diploma, I was asked to join a big insurance company."

- R.M., Florida

"I think the school is #1. I heard about it from one of my church sisters."

- O.H., Mississippi

"The way that colleges recognize this school, that is what I like about it."

- R.A.W., California

"At the Indian center, I just didn't understand. Thanks for being there. This is great. I have a 9-1/2 year old son and I want to do better for him."

- E.Y.C., Montana


"Also, I like the fact that on the H.S. Diploma and other certificates that "correspondence" isn't mentioned. This is one reason I didn't go with ICS. All certificates mailed to me were beautiful. The High School Diploma is absolutely beautiful."

- V.M.H., New Jersey

"Just received my certificate on my last test and am so pleased. Anyone can do what they want. All they have to do is want to do it."

- M.E.N., Washington

"The recommendations for colleges with home-study programs that otherwise I wouldn't have known about."

- W.P., Florida

"My counselor was a great service and very friendly."

- J.T., Texas


"The thing I like most that you get a chance to choose your own subjects and take exams over if you like and at your own pace."

- B.H., Georgia


"I'm so glad that your school is there for me all the time. I love it! I am currently constructing a song dedicated to your school. It's titled "You're everything I knew you would be."

- B.C., New York 

"No peer pressure. Let me interact with my Mom and Dad more. My parents thank you for this program."

- L.W., Missouri

"I just got a job with the U.S. Virgin Islands government thanks to my high school diploma."

- P.D., Alabama

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